We are a consulting team that helps to develop Intranet and DEX concepts based on quality analytics. We relaunch outdated intranets, correct navigation, create design, promote and engage users.
We drive the local intranet industry and build connections with the global community. Annually our team organize RIawards, conference Rivelty.Conf and research the state of DEX in 100+ companies.
№ 1
1 million
employees day-to-day use intranets, digital workplaces and other DEX-solutions solutions designed by our team
7 years
we conduct the only intranet research in Russia, more than 150 companies participated
cases from Russia and the world in our knowledge base of best practices
intranet leaders, internal communication specialists, product owners, HR specialists in our community «Intranet-Abatjour»
companies as our clients: AstraZeneca, VTB Bank, SberTech, Norilsk Nickel, M.Video-Eldorado, Cherkizovo, Gazprombank, Innopolis, Gazprom Neft, EVRAZ, X5 Group, STEP and others


Rivelty.Conf 2022
Naftagaz: intranet concept development

Naftagaz: intranet concept development

Gazprom Neft Mobile newsfeed: audit, concept and design

Gazprom Neft Mobile newsfeed: audit, concept and design

Audit, concept and redesign of Gazprombank intranet

Audit, concept and redesign of Gazprombank intranet

What we do to create intranet that works

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+30 more companies

Developing the intranet industry

Our team

Elena Bogdanova
Elena Bogdanova Rivelty.Intranet CEO

Our team can be compared with architects who design buildings. We create concepts of modern Intranets, Digital Workplaces, and Digital Employee Experience based on deep analytics.

We research user needs, and pain points, collect stakeholders’ requirements, audit and benchmark current intranets, analyze usage statistics, surveys, and workshop findings to develop the DEX approach, technical requirements, UX recommendations, and visual designs.

Then we pass this concept to «builders»: internal developers or external IT providers.

Our principles

  • 1

    Passionate about the results, clients, team and internal processes

  • 2

    Expertise: we protect the interests of users, give recommendations that the business trusts. We follow the agreements and deadlines

  • 3

    Outstanding result: we do more than is expected from us, we like to surprise with quality. We focus on the best practices and have own wide experience, but we practice an individual approach

  • 4

    Decency: we respect the NDA, conduct annual audit of information security risks and develop a culture of confidentiality

  • 5

    Knowledge is our key asset. We are constantly learning, we invest resources to build a process of knowledge management and ideas exchange internally. It helps maintain the entire team at expertise level

  • 6

    Social responsibility: we create tools for digital comfort of employees, saving paper and plastic, reducing the number of business trips. We build relationships with clients and employees on the basis of partnership and mutual respect

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International Awards

Russian Intranet Awards

The first expert intranet award in Russia, where projects are evaluated by experienced consultants and experts on intranet and DEX from Australia, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, the USA, Switzerland and Russia.

The award is annually given to companies, teams and leaders from Russia and the CIS countries who have successfully launched internal services for employees. The winners of #RIawards become later prize-winners of international competitions and receive invitations to foreign conferences.

The award is known not only in Russia, but also in the international intranet community. The ambassador of the award is Catherine Grenfell, ex-community manager of Step Two Forum and organizer of the Digital Employee Experience conference.

Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

The most prestigious award in the field of intranet. Strongest teams in the world compete for winning the trophy of IDWAwards. The cases of the contestants are evaluated by consultants from Australia, the USA, Denmark, Great Britain. Only experts with 10+ years of experience in intranet sphere, communications, analytics and consulting are invited to the jury.

The award ceremony is conducted annually in three countries: the United States, Great Britain and Australia. The winners and prize-winners of the IDWAwards in different years were Russian companies: Rambler, Moscow Domodedovo Airport, the Bank of Russia, Avito, NLMK, DOM.RF, M.Video-Eldorado.

Intranet Italia Champions

The first and only intranet competition in Italy. IIC awards are given to companies that have implemented innovative services on the intranet, launched new content formats and differ in convenient design and navigation.

The award is organized by the consulting company Intranet Management. The award ceremony takes place in Milan at the annual Intranet Italia Day conference, where Elena is also a keynote speaker.


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