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To organize an expert conference for passionate intranet, DEX, digital workplace and IC leaders

Release date december 2022

At the end of September 2022, with the support of Intry, Incomand, Smartio, HRBOX, Teamly and VK tech, we launched the third edition of the Rivelty.Conf — an annual conference for passionate experts in intranet, DEX, digital workplace and digital internal communications.

The goal was not just to organize an event, but also to create appropriate mood and space where professional people (members of the community) would focus on their favorite business, feel confident and at home.

As a result, 85 participants took part in the conference this time. Traditionally, we started the event with an ice-breaker dinner, followed by two intensive days: 11 keynotes, 10 Russian Intranet Awards 2022 winner cases, 4 workshops, a panel discussion.

It turned out to be our island of warmth, adequacy, tranquility, professionalism, intelligence, beauty, and soul. Where intranet, DEX, digital workplace and IC leaders got together, shared and exchanged their knowledge and experience, inspiring each other.

Ривелти.Конф 2022

Program and speakers

Each year, Rivelty.Conf gets a new concept, its main idea. Throughout many years, the community created by Rivelty.Intranet has been developing owing to people devoted to their job, people who are truly interested in internal communications and who don’t stop self-developing. These people inspire us so much, so the key message of the Rivelty.Conf 2022 crossed our mind naturally — «people who know all about the intranet». These are not just words: all our speakers are experienced executives who’ve been working on employees’ comfort, experience and loyalty day by day. They know everything about international IT-solutions substitution, cyber security, mobile intranets and HR-automatization for frontline workers, digital workplace governance, and of course, supporting activities for employees during heavy stress, how to predict burning out and provide mental health support.

Intranet, internal comms leaders and product owners of SberTech, Gazprom Neft, NLMK, X5 Group, EVRAZ, SIBUR, FINAM shared their experience and difficulties in the process of work, and also showed their intranets as part of the Russian Intranet Awards 2022 winning cases live demonstration.

In addition to keynote speeches and a live demo of intranets of RIawards winners, the program included workshops on intranet migration from one platform to another, knowledge management, intranet promotion, and HR project performance evaluation. The variety of formats is among the top-5 highlights of Rivelty.Conf 2022.

Every time we create the Rivelty.Conf, we care not only about the quality of the content, unique program, the best speakers, pleasant space, delicious meals and other organizational matters. We spend plenty of time and energy to ensure a cozy atmosphere and comfortable ambience. Thus, each Rivelty Conference always gets its unique visual identity, which helps place our participants into the context of the event.

This year, we decided to use artificial intelligence to create images for the visual identity. As a result, we got bright multilayer illustrations, complex, multidimensional and full of details, just like the participants of our conference — professionals who apply the most modern technical solutions to solve creative problems.

The diversity of abstract forms created by artificial intelligence, as well as two main colors — red and blue — were reflected in different branded products, such as badges, notebooks, banners, decor for the stage, etc. We’ve been choosing and validating even the color of the table covers.

Блокноты + Бейджи.jpg
Баннер Улица.jpg

We used every branding option that was provided by the space. For example, we branded the beautiful round window.

Окно.jpg Окно

As always, we organized a professional photo-shooting area with a brand-wall. Besides, our guests had been asked to follow the dress code — we suggested they come in red or blue clothes, so all photos turned out to be very nice.

Ривелти.Конф 2022

Of course, visual style elements perfectly suited the video content, including opening video and traditional intros for speakers.

How Rivelty.Conf was rated by the participants

Overall rating — 9.4 out of 10.

We maintain a high level of quality (9.5 in 2021, 9.6 in 2020), although our feedback survey showed that expectations grow, and much of the best features of Rivelty.Conf is perceived for granted.

Visual style — 9.5 out of 10.

Atmosphere and networking — 8.5 out of 10.

In social media, many participants noticed that Rivelty created a true community of intranet professionals and experts. Being a part of this community is an honor for them.

Speaker buddies support — 5 out of 5.

Top-5 Rivelty.Conf 2022 highlights:

1. Keynotes quality (which is our pride, of course)
2. Atmosphere
3. Diverse formats
4. Video materials
5. Networking

Top speakers according to participants:

— Ilya Firsanov, Gazprom Neft
— Elena Bogdanova, Rivelty
— Alexey Rybakov, Gazprom Neft, RSD
— Maxim Manuilov, FINAM

Participants' feedback


Short video of Rivelty.Conf 2022

RIawards 2022 cases
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Project team

Inspirer of the conference
Art director
Producer of the Rivelty.Conf
Arina Kazartseva
Producer of the visual part of the conference
Olga Sivtseva
Ksenia Bodrug
Speakers’ buddy
Ksenia Lazukova
Anna Serysheva
Elmira Zainasheva
Video editing
Yana Efimova
Maria Frolova
Grigory Fedorov
Anton Trushnikov
Technical Director
Konstantin Pavlyuchenko
Project Administration
Arina Gorina
Financial Director
Sergey Smagliy
Partners of the conference
VK tech
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