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Release date december 2021

On September 29 — October 1, our team held for the second time the most passionate business event — an expert practical conference for intranet specialists, internal communicators, IT and HR-experts — Rivelty.Conf.

Ice-breaker dinner, two main days and a fall gala dinner, 15 keynotes, 4 workshops, 2 international speakers and 90 participants.

Rivelty.Conf is a significant event for internal communicators. It has the name of our agency, and this imposes additional responsibility.

The main task is to spend two days comfortably, but at the same time energetically and fascinatingly. We speak of a passionate approach to projects, and this is how our philosophy has been reflected in Rivelty.Conf.

Programme and speakers

We understand what knowledge and expertise the audience needs, research trends in Russia, and also know what is happening on the international market. Therefore, the programme has collected relevant content that will help professional development in the future.

The main theme of the conference this year is digital comfort of employees. We see this as the main trend of 2021, the pandemic has not passed without a trace for internal communications.


We have invited the most caring intranet experts, product owners and leaders of digital channels of internal communications. We have attracted international experts from the UK, Denmark and Australia.

Each speaker had a curator with whom he worked out the topic of the keynote, theses, visual, and conducted at least two rehearsals. As a result, the average rating for speakers’ performances is 4.5 out of 5.

The highest score — 5 out of 5 — went to Kirill Bordilovsky, Dmitry Bogdanov, Anna Stepanova, Mikhail Ivanov, Scott Fulton and Elena Bogdanova.

Speakers also rated satisfaction with their keynote speech — 4.5 and the curator’s work — 4.9 out of 5.

The participants were delighted to see the presentations of the winner cases of the 2021 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards and Russian Intranet Awards.

Демонстрация кейсов.jpeg

Fall gala dinner

In addition to the expert program for informal communication of participants, we have prepared a festive evening with its own attributes: host, live music, activities, honoring the most active participants of the Russian Intranet community «Intranet-Abat-jour» and our blog Rivelty.Abatjour, delicious food, wine and exquisite cake.

The style of Rivelty.Conf 2021

This year, we decided to update the style of the conference and its mood — we were not afraid of experiments, because we are our own clients.

The main image of the event was a belt of gold particles. They represent like-minded people who strive to bring real benefits, and not work for show. These people change the environment and move the industry forward. The particles of the belt are attracted to each other, forming a single community, the noosphere.

The main colors of the conference were gold and blue. This is a fresh combination, unpopular for business events.

The unobtrusive shades of the press wall provided harmonious photos even for those who were taking pictures on smartphones.


We deliberately chose a neutral site with concrete walls to blend it with our colors, texture and mood.


A round window became a separate bright element of the site — with the help of stickers and lighting modes, a circular stained glass window was made of it in our own style.


A noticeable detail was also the video projection on the wall in the welcome zone.

We completely redesigned the stage: we installed two side wings, a powerful projector that created a single visual space, and even ordered and brought steps for the convenience of our guests.


We took care of the badges and notebooks — we put the labels «Passionate participant» and «Passionate notes».


For the key speakers, we organized an unusual photo session. We wanted to present each of them as a star of the industry.

Виктор Сорваль

Ольга Богомолова

Also, each speaker had a short video card telling about professional achievements and personal hobbies.

Both days of the conference — from morning till evening — were thought out in detail, even the color of the tablecloths had been chosen according to the style.

How participants rated Rivelty.Conf 2021

9.5 out of 10 — this is how our participants rated Rivelty.Conf 2021. Last year, the rating was 9.6 out of 10.

Top 6 conference highlights noted by the participants:

1. Quality of speakers
2. International speakers
3. Atmosphere and networking
4. Different formats
5. Speakers’ introduction video cards
6. Delicious catering

Feedback from participants




The final video of our Rivelty.Conf 2021

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Project team

Inspirer of the conference
Art director
Producer of the Rivelty.Conf
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Producer of the visual part of the conference
Ekaterina Ladgara
Speakers’ buddy
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Elmira Zainasheva
Roman Shchukin
Maksim Pomerantsev
Graphic design
Viktor Ustilovsky
Vadim Kraev
Video editing
Yana Efimova
Food, event hall, music manager
Irina Pronkina
Technical support
Alexander Sergeev
Yaroslav Tymoshenko
Alexander Povetkin
Herman Lepekhin
Roman Gusev
Oleg Rosanov
Alexander Davidyuk
van Verbitsky
Lighting Designer
Denis Kushnir
Arina Gorina
Ekaterina Komarova
Vlad Smolyagin
Asya Vishnyakova
Customer Service Manager
Arina Kazartseva
Financial Director
Sergey Smagliy
Partners of the conference
Hopper IT
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