To analyze existing internal communication channels, collect business requirements, identify key target audiences, develop intranet concept and intranet design, write technical requirements, and provide recommendations for intranet team and launch.

Date july 2019

Client STEP



Owner HR + IT

Number of users

Number of users 300+


Geography Russia and European countries

IT platform

IT platform Bitrix24

Customer feedback in the media

“The audit was useful. Qualified help allowed us to formulate the concept of how our intranet should look and what functions should be performed. All this formed the basis of the task, and we began to choose a contractor for this work"

What done


Analysis and collection of requirements

We analyzed internal documents: HR data about employees, company newsletter, examples of work documents. Conducted interviews with business customers: founders, HR management, IT management, COO, and interviews with target audiences: office and construction site employees.


Defining target audiences using Persona method

We analyzed the target audience using the Persona method, identified 4 key personas, internal communication channels, existing technical solutions in the company. Identified pain points of employees and possible tools for its solution on the intranet


Concept development

Developed an intranet creation concept, determined the purpose, principles of creation, the structure of the main page and an employee personal account, the composition of the mobile version of the intranet, the navigation concept, the stages of implementation of intranet modules, the roadmap of the project.


Design development

Developed the structure and design of the home page and personal account. The structure of the main page includes a unified news feed, status updates of current projects, birthdays, vacancies, a calendar of events, video broadcast from construction sites. The structure of an employee personal account includes photo and contact information, information about the manager, position in the structure, participation in projects.


Development of business requirements

Developed 9 business requirements for modules: home page, employee personal account, project, community, search, news editor, telephone directory and organizational structure, training section, and statistics of visits.



Provided  recommendations for: 

— Distribution of roles between the owner and co-owner of the intranet
— Intranet team structure: for the period of the intranet implementation project and after launch
— Contents of accompanying documentation for the intranet
— Promotion of intranet among employees
— Involvement of top managers
— Organization of mobile access
— Selection of a contractor

Defined the team's tasks by roles at the stages of intranet development, formed requirements for an intranet manager and his salary expectations in St. Petersburg

July 8
Analysis of internal communication channels and technical solutions
August 7
Analysis of the target audience using the persona method and interviews of business customers
August 22
Intranet concept development
9th of September
Development of design layouts
September 20
Business requirements development
September 30
Assistance in choosing a contractor

business trip to St. Petersburg


video conferences with customers


interviews with representatives of different categories of employees


technical modules described in business requirements


modules rendered within design layouts


pages in the intranet concept


Learning portal concept

Learning portal concept

— Purpose and main tasks
— Implementation principles
— Tools for different target audiences
— Forms of distance learning
— Recommended navigation structure
— Recommended phased project plan
Design guidelines

Design guidelines

— Desktop and mobile versions of design layouts for a personal account, program, employee profile
— Recommendations on approaches to personalizing modules and tools of the Learning Portal
— UI guide
Recommendations for information support and content plan

Recommendations for information support and content plan

— Main content tasks for different target audiences
— Topics and headings with detailed examples
— Content plan and frequency of publications
Promotion recommendations

Promotion recommendations

— Examples and tools for engaging different target audiences
— Three campaigns for the launch of the Training Portal with examples of design for different channels (mailings, banners, magazine, information stands, screens, social networks and others)
— Metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of information campaigns

Project team

Project manager
Project preparation
Sergei Smaglii
Anastasiia Vishniakova
Business customer interviews
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Intranet expert
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Design development
Mikhail Prosvirnin