The 2018 State of Intranet in Russia Report

Release date june 2018

76 companies that have intranets participated in the research in 2018. This is 25% more than last year. We are happy to see the growing number of participants.

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76 companies that have intranets participated in the research in 2018. This is 25% more than last year. We are happy to see the growing number of participants every year.

The research consists of 17 criteria, including intranet goals, team, top-management support, intranet and digital workplace expenses, personalization, social networking, IT technologies, mobile version etc.

Briefly on key trends

Key intranet trends in Russia 2018.jpgDevelopment priorities

  • Focusing on user: Intranet’s usability and user-centered design is #1 priority for 69% of companies.
  • The second priority is running the Digital workplace. 42% of companies are planning to implement Digital workplace during the next 1,5 years.
  • On the third place are Company’s business processes automation and New services development (39% of companies each).
  • ROI calculation is in the priority for 12% of companies. It’s 3 times higher than in 2017.

Mobile Intranet in Russia.jpgMobile intranet

  • Mobile version of Intranet moved down to the 5th place in the list of development priorities (31% of companies).
  • 30% of companies already have mobile version of intranet and 40% are planning to implement. Thus, in the next 2 years around 70% of companies will have mobile version.
  • The main barrier for mobile version implementation in Russia is Information security risks (54% of companies).

Personalization_Report of State intranet in Russia 2018.jpg   Personalization

  • Only 35% of companies use personalized content in intranets, 31% are planning.
  • In the next 1,5 years 70% of companies will have personalized intranets.

IT Technologies for intranet in Russia 2018.jpg


  • The 35% of companies use MS SharePoint 2013. The most popular IT solution for intranet in 2017 and in 2018 are products from Microsoft (different versions of MS SharePoint).
  • The second in the list is — company’s own developed platform (26%).
  • The third are products from 1C-Bitrix.

Intranet team: owners, co-owners, team size

  • The main intranet owner is Internal Communication as in international practice (60% of companies).
  • In 50% of companies the key co-owner is IT department.
  • 49% of companies have an intranet manager and 6% — usability specialist.
  • In 42% of companies intranet team consist of 2 to 5 employees. In 49% only 1 employee manages the whole intranet.
  • Companies with an intranet-manager are being awarded 2 times more often.

Survey results report (.pdf)

To learn more the full version of the Report is provided in the window below. The Report is also available for downloading.

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