To analyze existing internal solutions, to interview users and business clients, to develop the intranet renovation concept and design of key modules

Date april 2020



Owner Internal Communications

Number of users

Number of users 200 000+


Geography All Russia

IT platform

IT platform MS Sharepoint

What done


Interview with business clients

Interviewed 30+ business clients, including employees of all retail chains, a logistics company, publishers of the existing intranet, representatives of all retail chains in the regions


Created personas of the target audience

Interviewed 80+ employees from different categories:
— Office employees: executives, managers, specialists in the central office, all retail chains, a logistics company;
— Employees of stores of all retail chains: directors, deputy directors, managers, merchandise managers, cashiers, bakers, visited stores in the Moscow region;
— Employees of the Department of Transport: managers of a transport company, a distribution center, and a convoy, drivers


Intranet audit

Audit of existing intranet solutions.

— Popular cases of intranet usage
— How the information and technical support is organized
— Activity of departments in terms of content publishing and functional development

— Attendance statistics
— Social networks as a tool for internal communications of the company
— Results of the Intranet Content Trust Survey



We compared the intranet with 100 Russian and 200 foreign companies.

100+ Russian companies
The comparison included:
— 15 retail companies, including grocery companies with more than 50 000 employees
— 22 large companies with more than 50 000 employees
— 24 companies with the best intranet practices

200+ companies from 21 countries, including:
— 6 retail companies
— 8 IT companies
— 12 financial
— 48 municipalities
— 122 companies with digital workplace
Analyzed internal documents, research results, created a list of 800 improvements


Concept development

We developed:
— An approach to integrating all intranet solutions within companies
— Approach to content personalization
— Navigation
— The structure of the personal account
— Composition of the mobile version
— Project roadmap
We identified 7 key principles of intranet renovation. Gave recommendations on the structure and composition of the intranet team, prioritized the list of improvements to the corporate portal taking into account the new concept


Design of key sections and services

We developed the design of key tools, sections, and services. We got more than 20 layouts, including:
— Personalized home page
— Personal Account
— Benefits page
— Corporate center
— All news
— Projects



We developed recommendations on 16 key areas that are important for intranet maintenance:
— Development strategy
— Ownership
— Involvement of top management
— Communication and social functions
— Integrations
— Intranet mobility
— Employee Directory
— Ease of use
— Traffic analytics
— Intranet search
— Navigation
— Home page
— Efficiency mark
— Collaboration
— Content
— HR functions


interviews with business clients


in-depth interviews with representatives of different categories of employees


intranets were taken for benchmark


design layouts


pages contain the final report of the intranet audit


intranet solutions analyzed


The 226 page report included the following key sections:

Current status and interviews for business clients

Current status and interviews for business clients

We analyzed the target audience, the activity of the Corporate Center, and retail chains in the intranet. We studied the statistics of traffic and content trust.
Defining target audiences using the persona method

Defining target audiences using the persona method

We conducted 80+ in-depth interviews with different categories of employees. Analyzed 450 engagement research initiatives, 2000+ employee awareness surveys.
Intranet concept development

Intranet concept development

We have developed a strategy for the intranet development of the entire company, including the Corporate Center and retail chains. We identified the key stages and steps for the development of internal solutions towards a single digital workplace for the company.
Design creation

Design creation

The design was created taking into account the personalization of content and tools for retail chains. The concept is based on the idea of ​​three workspaces: communication, working space of the retail chain, and the employee’s personal account.

Project team

Project manager
Business customer interviews
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Olga Ilina
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Kurt Sorensen
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Design development
Mikhail Prosvirnin
Evgenii Taroev
Intranet content audit
Karina Fomina
Content rewriting
Karina Fomina
Preparation and conduct of training
Aizhamal Muratalieva
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Rambler team
Intranet development training
Liubov Mamaeva
Kirill Bordilovskii
Project preparation
Sergei Smaglii