IntraTeam Event in Denmark


To speak about the intranets in Russia, national characteristics of users, and how local culture affects the development of internal communications in global companies.

Release date april 2019

The IntraTeam Event in Copenhagen is a significant event in the intranet industry. The team of Kurt Sorensen, founder of IntraTeam, annually brings together more than 150 participants from Europe and about 30 intranet experts and speakers from all over the world.

Elena Bogdanova represented Russia in February 2019.


A vibrant and dynamic presentation with examples of how national traits affect the intranet. 90 slides and 5 specially created videos, duration 45 minutes. A lot of humor and Alenka chocolate for all listeners (tested at three conferences — it works flawlessly). Elena shared case studies from Russia and appreciates Yulia Bolshova from Avito, and Sergey Shanaev from Rambler for all the information provided.



Audience evaluation of the performance

4.8 out of 5
4.6 out of 5
content in presentation


Refreshing with some insights from a huge neighbour and great reminder of the role of culture

A lot of information. Beautiful slides!

Enthusiastic speaker with clear personal engagement/commitment to her story

Really a fresh view on Russia and its intranets in particular

Very good performance and fun

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