Concept, design, and video for M.Video-Eldorado intranet


To audit the concept of a single intranet of the group, to do the research on the target audience’ pain points, to create an intranet design and a video for participation in international awards.

Release date october 2020

What did we do:

1. Analysis and audit of the intranet renovation concept of M.Video-Eldorado group, 10+ interviews with business clients, and in-depth interviews with 60+ users. We identified 4 key intranet personas, their pains, motivation, UX problems of current solutions.

2. Correction of the intranet renovation concept, taking into account the tasks of the business and the pains of a key persona — a store employee.

3. Developed an intranet design concept, personalization approach, including for a personal account and a home page. We created a UI guide for three brand books. Intranet structure and navigation development.

4. Consultations on improving user experience, developing UX intranet, daily work in the agile-team of the project for 2.5 months.

5. Created a video about the project for participation in the international Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards.


Результаты-2.jpeg4 key persons for EM.Life 2.0 intranet


М.Видео-Эльдорадо_Дизайн.jpg Evolution of prototypes: from the first draft to the final version

М.Видео-Эльдорадо_Дизайн-2.jpg Layouts of the mobile version with a personalization approach

М.Видео-Эльдорадо_Дизайн-3.jpg Directory of elements, UI-kit

Сustomer review

С первых дней создания концепции коллеги из Ривелти.Интранет продемонстрировали комплексный подход. Нас ориентировали не просто на лучшие практики, а в том числе фокусировали на реальные потребности конечных пользователей в контексте решаемых ими бизнес задач.

В итоге мы смогли сделать по-настоящему функциональный и удобный с точки зрения UX/UI продукт с mobile first парадигмой.

Egor Petrov
Head of digital employee experience
Product team
Product team
Number of users
28 500+
28 500+
All Russia
All Russia
IT platform


Russian Intranet Awards

Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

Project team

Project manager
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Business customer interviews
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Anna Golubikhina
In-depth interviews with employees
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Anna Golubikhina
Concept audit
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Mikhail Prosvirnin
Anna Golubikhina
UX consulting
Anna Golubikhina
Project preparation
Sergei Smaglii
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