Image video «Transneft: 25 years of continuous growth»


to tell about the growth of the company for 25 years

Release date september 2018
Client Transneft

25 years, how long is that? For one person? For the company? For the whole country?

Over the past 25 years, Russian history has absorbed a huge number of events, the country has undergone huge changes. In the video we had to show the main thing — how we have changed ourselves, as if after 25 years we could stop and look back, remembering the brightest moments.

We see the story through the eyes of one of the employees of Transneft, which in 1993 has just started its career and in the same year it gives birth to a son. The next 25 years pass through the prism of events in the life of the protagonist, very personal, but familiar and understandable to all of us. Not only the child grows up, in our history everyone becomes older, wiser, more experienced — parents, company, and country.

This video was conceived as a small movie. 2 months of training, 3 shooting days, a group of more than 40 people, early climbs, moving, an impressive amount of equipment and props, children of all ages, including newborns...

We flew in a time machine from the nineties to the two thousandth and back. Unique location was the apartment of our heroes, which artists changed from frame to frame, filling the iconic objects of each time period.

It was not an easy day at the existing production facility of Transneft, where our team had to go down into the thick of construction, transform offices without disrupting the workflow, bypass the entire considerable territory of the station, moving from point to point, and all this in the July heat.

The video can be seen not only on the Internet, but also on TV, as well as on a huge advertising screen on the New Arbat in Moscow.

We thank the employees of Transneft, Transneft Upper Volga and Transneft TD for their tremendous assistance in the preparation and implementation of this project.


Bronze New York Festivals TV&Film Awards

New York Festivals TV&Film Awards is one of the most prestigious and leading competitions in cinema and video which is providing by International Awards group since 1957.

Video won a prize in the Corporate video category, Brand Image nomination

Project team

Project preparation
Arina Kazartseva
Sergey Smagly
Sergey Ramz
Director of photography
Konstantin Korobkin
Roman Lysov
Anna Filatova
George Himroda
Lena Vanina
Casting director
Elizaveta Shmakova
Production designer
Alexandra Nikiforova
Makeup artist
Maria Morzunova
Christina Avtoshina
Polina Kapustina
Costume designer
Christina Egorova
Costume designer assistant
Karina Egorova
Props master assistant
Maria Chekhonadskikh
Props master
Sofia Gritsyuk
Ivan Pavlov
Assistant director
Alexander Eidman
Second camera assistant
Snezhana Bobyreva
Oleg Namakonov
Focus puller
Andrew Pogrebnyak
Camera mechanics
Oleg Demkiv
Alexander Karasev
Sound producer
Julia Shirokova
Location Manager
Ildar Fatkhullin
Production assitant
Alexander Ovsyannikov
Sound design
Stanislav Paushev
Film editor
Evgeny Chernyshev
Сolour correction
Oleg Sharabanov
Computer graphics
Vadim Kraev
Konstantin Evtukhov
Eugene Boykin
Alexander Rakhlenko
Sergey Laktyunkin
Polina Syrkina
Artem Abramov
Alex Onegin
Mark Doronin
Daria Berezina
Alexey Shuller
Production manager
Irina Pronkina
Polina Kazartseva
Yulia Volova
General producer
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