The secret life of electrical appliances


Increase the awareness of the Energomera brand in the electricity meter market

Release date june 2020

The solution was a non-trivial approach — to create a 3D cartoon about the secret life of household electrical appliances that waste energy.

The main character of the cartoon is the meter itself — according to the plot, he, like the best friend of every device on earth, walks and has fun with the rest of the characters in the apartment, while simultaneously accurately recording the amount of energy expended.

We managed to talk about the complex topic of electricity metering in simple language. The light form of the cartoon, bright and funny characters, the plot with a share of irony and humor made it possible to create the impression that with the «Energomera» meters, life will become easier and more carefree.


Animation technologies have been borrowed from leading animation studios. Specialists in character development, modeling, animation were involved in the project. And the dubbing actors on the dubbing had a lot of fun, imitating the sounds of devices, look in the backstage



Finalist Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards Marketing Communication B2C nomination

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are annually honoring the world’s finest corporate films, online media productions and documentaries in one of the most important film centers: in Cannes, France.

The cartoon was a finalist in the Marketing Communication — B2C nomination.

Project team

Project preparation
Misha Naroditsky
Sergey Smagliy
Misha Naroditsky
Art director, director
Storyboard and characters
Denis Smirnov
CG artists
Vadim Kraev
Victor Ustilovsky
Stas Mestiukov
Sergey Vorozhtsov
Alexander Fedoseev
Denis Smirnov
Yana Efimova
Ivan Alkhovsky
Ekaterina Vinogradova
Vadim Medvedev
Vladimir Barkalaya
Katerina Afrikantova
Sergey Annenkov
Mikhail Lukashov
Production manager
Irina Pronkina
Executive producer
Misha Naroditsky
General producer
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