ReNu MultiPlus® commercial reel

Release date january 2021

ReNu MultiPlus® is a contact lens solution manufactured by Bausch + Lomb. In this video, we wanted to show that heroism can manifest itself not only through visible actions, but it also can be invisible.

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«The client said that they received about 30 creatives for the tender, and when they saw our idea, they unanimously approved it.

Our story is a phantasmagoria. We decided to make the first part of the video in a blockbuster movie style with futuristic divers, scanners and a space flying saucer. As a result, it turns out that the heroic plot takes place inside the container for cleaning the lenses. The hero of the video quietly rests while his „solution“ is working.
Evidently we chose a concept that was very laborious in production, but in the end it was worth it. Glowing suits of the required level are not so widely manufactured in Russia, so it took a significant amount of time for development and testing.

Suspension systems, an actor-gymnast, diving consultants, the creation of photorealistic graphics — all this required the utmost training and thousands of man-hours.»


Dmitry Bogdanov 

Creative author and director of the Rivelty agency

Project team

Author of the idea and script, director
Lighting cameraman
Denis Saprykin
Ekaterina Strelnikova
Olga Vasilieva
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