Russian Intranet Awards 2021 Ceremony


to organize the Russian Intranet Awards ceremony

Release date april 2021


Russian Intranet Awards is the first professional intranet contest in Russia designed to develop the local intranet industry, as well as to encourage and motivate intranet leaders and teams.

The first contest started in 2019, and the ceremony was held on February 28, 2020 before the start of the pandemic. You can read about the contest here.

This year we planned to hold the ceremony online, but decided to conduct a survey among the contestants. 90% voted for the offline event.


The event was divided into two parts: a solemn one — with the announcement of the shortlist and winners, and an informal one — communication over a glass of wine.

Our goal was to create a cozy festive event for like-minded intranet users, so there were mandatory attributes at the evening: dress code, host, opening envelopes (like the Oscars).

How was it?


The rules of the competition are that the participants don’t know in which category their project is nominated before the ceremony, so we have prepared 5 videos with shortlists in each category.

Besides, we collected videos from foreign jury members from Italy, the Netherlands and Australia. Additionally, we prepared animated videos for the opening, presentation of the jury and the host — everything was done in the visual brand and style of the award.

Visual style and brand of the Award

We developed a unique font and brand book for the Russian Intranet Awards 2021.

As a style-forming element, a crystal flower was developed, symbolizing a community of like-minded people, a variety of intranet solutions and indifference of the ward participants.

The visual style was used in the design of the stage, press wall, badges, lanyards, prizes, diplomas, as well as in video content.

Award prize

The winners of the contest receive a unique award prize with a meaning. The prize is pyramid-shaped, which symbolizes the top and combines two materials: metal — a symbol of technological efficiency, wood — a symbol of warmth and lively communication.

The main feature of the award is the mirror surface, which reflects the winner, his projects and achievements. This year, due to the large number of worthy projects, we introduced second places and made two awards: gold and silver.


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Project team

Producer of the award
Aizhamal Muratalieva
Producer of the ceremony
Ekaterina Ladgara
Yana Efimova
Vadim Kraev
Viktor Ustilovsky
Roman Shchyukin
Organization of the ceremony
Irina Pronkina
Nadezhda Sholokhova
Arina Kazartseva
Arina Kupriyanova
Anastasia Sherstuk
Technical support
Alexander Sergeev
Oleg Rosanov
Mikhail Agafonov
Anton Kovalenko
Alexey Lobov
Herman Lepekhin
Roman Gusev
Promotion in social networks
Elmira Zainasheva
Ekaterina Komarova
Arina Gorina
Host of the ceremony
Denis Bachurin
The jury of the award
Catherine Grenfell
Olga Bogomolova
Jonas Bladt Hansen
Yulia Bolshova
Sam Marshall
Sharon O’Dea
Giacomo Mason
Egor Petrov
Sponsors of the ceremony
Financial Director
Sergey Smagliy
Executive Director
Irina Pronkina
Initiator and inspirer of the award
Producer and Art director of the ceremony
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