to share, without fanfare, a human story of how this pipeline was built

Release date january 2017
Client Transneft

Transneft — the world’s largest oil pipeline company — executed an unparalleled project of «Zapolyarye-Purpe» trunk pipeline in the extreme north of Russia. The pipeline was built in the most challenging climatic and natural conditions: abnormally low temperatures, permafrost, boggy grounds and floods, as well as major and minor streams.

The heroism, fortitude, enthusiasm, and courage of all the employees of Transneft who contributed to the success of this grand-scale project helped us to determine the concept of the video and its design.

We deсided that the right emotional message of this video should be about pride — pride for the outstanding people involved in this project, pride for the work that they have done, and for the challenges that they have coped with. We also decided to touch upon the topic of childhood ideals, how important it is to dream, to think big, and to do everything to achieve your dreams, surmounting all the challenges.

From the technical standpoint, in order to add to our ideas of sincerity and real life, we chose to use a hand camera.


Prizewinner in the PR-Video nomination

The Digital Communications AWARDS has been held since 2013. The award was established to promote the most significant achievements in the field of digital communications, promote products using new communication technologies and tools.

Project team

Pre-production work
Arina Kazartseva
Idea, script
Olga Baranova
Tair Polad-zade
Director of photography
Philip IZadorozhny
Animated graphics artist
Andrey Krasavin
Offscreen speaker
Vladimir Eremin
Production designer
Alexander Kudryavov
Props designer
Konstantin Mazulin
Dress designer
Anastasia Obynochnaya
Makeup artist
Ekaterina Ipokova
Lampmen foreman
Nikolai Vakhrameev
Key grip
Dmitry Zavarin
Mikhail Vasko
Christina Popanu
2D graphics artists
Vadim Kraev
Andrey Zvyagin
Editing, sound design
Andrey Kudryashov
Color grading
Aleksey Dolmat
Ilya Lebedev
Nadezhda Gorokhova
Elena Dursunova
Aleksey Parkhomchik
Alexandra Golantseva
Head of production
Irina Pronkina
Financial director
Sergey Smagliy
Anastasia Gerasimova
Executive producer
Polina Kazartseva
General producer
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