Documentary "Business Pandemic"

Release date july 2020

Business Pandemic is a film-dialogue with people who are well known both among market players and wide audience. This projects shares personal experience of those who had to take responsibility in this difficult time. It is useful both for company executives and basically everyone interested in the secrets of brand building and crises management.

In ‘The Business Pandemic’ project , companies which stayed close with their consumers during self-isolation period shared insides on how the virus helped them to retain customers and changed the way they work. The film has showed how top management and holders of the biggest Russian companies coped with the onslaught of the new working conditions

On July 9, with the support of Gett and Group held a closed premiere of the film in My big love bar+shop

Премьера_Пандемия бизнеса.jpg


Winner Oniros Film Awards

The Oniros Film Awards is an International Monthly IMDb Qualifying competition with a public Screening Event held in New York City every three months, celebrating films and filmmakers from all around the world.

The film was a winner in the Best Documentary Short nomination.

Project team

Screenwriter, director
Director of photography
Denis Saprykin
Michail Naroditsky
Ekaterina Strelnikova
Yana Efimova
Type designer
Roman Shchyukin
Postproduction manager
Irina Pronkina
Financial director
Sergey Smagly
General producer
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