Documentary about Art.Lebedev Studio


to create the portrait of a design studio

Release date april 2017

Over the 22 years of its existence, Russia’s best-known and most influential design company did not have a single film dedicated to it. We decided to repair the omission and offered Artemy to create a «portrait» film, or, as the head manager of the studio put it, the «army discharge album». After a year of dedicated work, we proudly present the result

Фильм Лебедев.jpg

After success on the internet the film was shown on Moscow 24 broadcast

Project team

Authors of the idea
Polina Kazartseva
Film director
Andrey Kudryashov
Directors of photography
Alexander Okovitsky
Sergey Yakushev
Mikhail Agafonov
Vitaliy Madey
Film editors
Andrey Kudryashov
Film editors
Evgeny Potapov
Caption artist
Vadim Kraev
Head of production
Irina Pronkina
Secret adviser
Lubov Mamaeva
Natalia Bogdanova
Financial director
Sergey Smagliy
Executive producer
Polina Kazartseva
General producer
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