BAUSCH & LOMB commercial

Release date february 2020
Client Bausch + Lomb

Contact lenses are the most common part of daily routine for people with visual impairments. What could have happened if there were no lenses?

In the commercial, we showed the most seemingly impossible at first glance events: the hero dresses absurdly, gets into the wrong car, meets a dangerous granny shooting at him with a revolver, while a Doberman runs after him, knocks a man down in the office corridor, comes to a meeting, where he receives some mocking from colleagues and the boss’s indignation.

But all this might not have happened if our hero had used contact lenses in the morning.

Working on this project, we tried to create a whole cinema world where anything is possible, while very responsibly maintaining the rhythm, light and color style, and remembering that every action played out in the frame will be played in reverse order.


Project team

Project preparation
Anastasia Gorban
Sergey Smagliy
Director, scriptwriter, art director
Director of photography
Denis Saprykin
Production designer
Asya Vishnyakova
Costume designer
Daria Mozgunova
Konstantin Razin
Konstantin Morozov
Konstantin Khrenov
Alexander Guryev
Roman Danilov
Assistant actors
Rodion Mudrov
Olga Nazaruk
Key grip
Alexander Gordienko
Sergey Rybalko
Mikhail Korovin
Konstantin Bykovsky
Set administrators
Artyom Zagoruiko
Damir Garipov
Make-up artists
Irina Krylova
Ksenia Sokolova
Alexander Sham
Tatiana Sakharova
Sergey Shibanov
Sergey Kosov
Anton Rushanin
Alexander Knyazev
Valeria Matashkova
Victoria Tsygankova
Olga Suvanova
Edward Meizis
Andrey Kolesnikov
Maxim Efimov
Yana Efimova
Motion designer
Vadim Kraev
Color correction
Andrey Bushmin
Sound design
Ilya Andreychikov
Mikhail Kamnev
Production manager
Irina Pronkina
Ekaterina Strelnikova
Executive producer
Mikhail Naroditsky
General producer
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