Release date february 2019
Client Alfa Bank

Alfa Private is a subunit of Alfa Bank servicing premium clients

We offered to create a promotional video in the format of mini-film with  elements of comedy, adventures and romance.

In the screen version, Alfa Private team invisibly helps their client to be in time on a date he has forgotten about due to the bustle of everyday life. In the first part, our character looks lucky enough, which seems to be strange and illogical. But then we realize that all of the possible problems were solved by imperceptible helpers from Alfa Private.

How Movie Magic was happening in our backstage


Finalist New York Festivals TV&Film Awards Brand Image nomination

New York Festivals TV&Film Awards is one of the most prestigious and leading competitions in cinema and video which is providing by International Awards group since 1957.

Video won a prize in Corporate image category, Brand Image nomination

Project team

Director and screenwriter
Sergey Saprygin
Art - director
Director of photography
Ivan Solomatin
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