to share about the benefits of using this fiber-optic system of pipeline monitoring. The video is meant to promote the system on the Russian and world market

Release date april 2017
Client Transneft

The OMEGA Company, a subsidiary of Transneft PJSC, developed a unique system designed to monitor pipelines and other extended objects.

Our task was to create a selling video that would show the benefits of the system to the potential buyers. For promoting the system at the international marke, an English version of the video was created.

Project team

Pre-production work
Arina Kazartseva
Sergey Smagliy
Natalia Lukonina
Lubov Pavlova
Anton Mizonov
Offscreen speaker
Rick Ross
Editing, post-synching
Andrey Kudryashov
Animated graphics artists
Stanislav Mestyukov
Vadim Kraev
Animated 3D model of the truck
Andrey Zvyagin
Head of production
Irina Pronkina
Alexandra Golantseva
Julia Volova
Executive producer
Polina Kazartseva
General producer
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