VR-consultant case for Alfa Private


to create a presentation case about virtual consultant

Release date march 2019
Client Alfa Bank

Alfa Private is a subunit of Alfa Bank servicing premium clients. Each client is assigned a personal financial advisor.

In 2018 Alfa Private was the first one in Russia who launched a bank service «VR-consultant». For now, the client is able to organize a meeting with a personal manager in the interactive virtual meeting room from anywhere in the world. For this, he only needs a smartphone with th

Bank manager in the form of the 3D avatar is visualised in the meeting room interface, and all of the financial condition parameters such as profitability, capital, investments, expenses are displayed as clearly as possible.

The main target of the case is to tell not only about the service itself but about advantages over other mobile apps and also to demonstrate the technology in the international market.

In the video, we used 3D graphics to create a VR effect and to emphasize the innovation of approach in clients servicing.

Before the case creation, we tried the demo version of the service and noted to self that it’s comfortable, visually and most importantly mobile. The session’s preparation took 5 minutes only.

Project team

Project preparation
Sergey Smagly
Alexey Muratov
Mikhail Agafonov
Denis Smirnov
Viktor Ustilovsky
Vadim Kraev
Production manager
Irina Pronkina
Irina Shcherbovich-Vecher
General producer
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