to develop a new corporate TV channel style.

Release date october 2018
Client EVRAZ

Evraz is a major international metallurgical and mining company, which is planning to launch a state-of-the-art high-tech television.

Корп ТВ ЕВРАЗ.jpg

We developed the colour scheme, visual elements, screensavers, backgrounds, templates — described it in the brand book and the guideline. Now the channel can live and develop in modern design trends.

Recommendations on the broadcasting schedule and programming of the air have been developed so that EVRAZ employees can comfortably watch the latest company news on the most up-to-date screens and on the intranet.

Project team

Project preparation
Arina Kazartseva
Sergey Smagly
Computer graphics artists
Vyacheslav Novikov
Vadim Kraev
Sound design
Alexander Bykov
Production manager
Irina Pronkina
IT management
Alexander Sergeev
Irina Scherbovich-Vecher
General producer
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