Corporate television of
Coca-Cola Hellenic


to create a concept, design and content for corporate television Coca-Cola Hellenic.

Release date january 2013

The Coca-Cola Hellenic TV Russia project is voluminous, fascinating, multi-faceted. We have complemented and enriched our skills, talents and capabilities. For example, it was interesting for us to work on creating the concept of a channel, developing a list of programs, and creating emotional driving solutions in the graphics and musical design of the commercials.

Most of our attention was devoted to technical solutions for broadcasting content to the regions. A number of “filming” projects also did not let us get bored, filled our story with funny situations on the grounds, taught us to work with people who find it difficult to perform creative tasks in front of the camera, but you need to be in the frame.

We gladly realized this project!

Project team

Департамент Корпоративного телевидения
руководитель проекта
Полина Казарцева
генеральный продюсер
Дмитрий Богданов
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